Thursday, January 26, 2006

Confessions of a self-absorbed writer

I want to be humble. Self-effacing. Casual about the fact that I have a novel coming out in June.

Instead, I find ways to work it into every conversation.

"That'll be $7.65 for the chips and pop, Ma'am."

"Here you go. And speaking of snacks, I need to snack a lot because I'm working on a new novel. I have a book coming out. . . "

Not only that, I've begun to obsessively check my standing on As soon as the book was posted I delighted in googling the title over and over.

Then I discovered the scary fact that I could see my book's ranking among all the books on

Mind you, the book is not available. It comes out in June, 2006. So there are no sales yet.

But I can't help it. I keep checking in on my ranking. I've crashed below one million other books by now.

You'd think the fact that there ARE a million other books listed on amazon would be enough to humble me. Instead I dream of when the book releases and people order it on amazon and I rocket up to 700,000 from the top.

Is there a "Top 700,000 List" for book sales?

Sometimes I just have to laugh at myself.

But self-absorption is no laughing matter. Self-importance is an ugly sin. It's my twisted tool to convince myself I'm valuable. . . instead of taking my value from the true place--from being a dearly loved child of God.

Lord, change my heart. Let me be absorbed in Your beauty and majesty and forget myself. Let me have Your love for others that values them above myself. Let me have the confidence that comes from knowing that I belong to You, so I don't have to measure my worth by my "To Do" list. Oh, and Lord . . . have I mentioned I have a book coming out? . . .


relevantgirl said...

Oh, so I'm not alone! I am terrible about checking my amazon stats, which I found out, mean very little. Whenever you check, you're basically checking on the overall sales at that moment. Still, I look. Oh Lord help me not to be so weird!

Camy Tang said...

You both need help. I'm only doing this for your own good. Set your firewalls to block out the Amazon website. You are both pathetic losers and need to be institutionalized.


Judy Gann said...

Sharon, we are so alike! Just wait until your book is released--that's when your fingers automatically type in the Amazon Web site several times a day. :-)