Sunday, March 19, 2006

My Zigzags at U-turns

This week, I'm guest-blogging at God Allows U-turns.
Please pop on over to visit!
I'll be sharing thoughts about how God can use the U-turns in our lives, and how He led me on the zigzag path toward becoming an novelist.
Hope to see you there!
You can post comments and questions here.


Ruth said...

Hi Sharon -- I linked over here after reading the interview you did on Gina's Novel Journey blog (which I loved reading BTW). I read your follow-up comment about Fforde's books and I have to agree with you, they are just weird enough! I love 'em! I think (besides the fact that I'm, well, just WEIRD, LOL -- read my blog!) the English major in me loves all of the literary references he incorporates into his work (so creative!). Anyway, congrats on your upcoming book, I will definitely have to give it a promotion if not a review on my Xanga site. Have a great week!

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks, Ruth!
Yes, Fforde's literary references are the BEST.
Have you read Mark Dunn's ELLA MINNOW PEA yet? Another weird and wonderful book that appeals to lovers of words.

Ruth said...

Thanks for the recommendation, I will have to check it out. I am waiting for Fforde's Nursery Crimes book to come out in paperback (I think it's the first of a new series).