Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Elk in Yellowstone

Last week we returned from family vacation. To me a perfect vacation happens when I'm struck to my marrow with the beauty and variety of God's creation. The canyons, waterfalls, and animals of Yellowstone National Park did that for me.

I was especially delighted to get up close and personal with some elk, because in my fantasy series, THE RESTORER (due out in May, 2007, from NavPress) Susan (the hapless heroine) gets to ride a lehkan - which is an elk-type animal used in battles.

Which brings me back to the site that is being featured by friends of Christian sci-fi and fantasy work this week.

Christian Fandom is a site that celebrates all sorts of genre fiction. Give them a visit this week. If you click on the link to interviews, you can read great insights from my agent (Steve Laube) my editor (writing as Jefferson Scott) and some of my favorite writers and friends, (Karen Hancock, Randy Ingermanson, Donita K. Paul, and others).

If you visit my blog post from yesterday, please post one (or a few) of your favorite speculative fiction titles! I've posted a few of mine.

Because God is so awesome and multi-faceted, it's no wonder that we need a variety of art forms and a variety of styles of literature to communicate about Him!

Sharon Hinck

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