Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Hooray for the L.C.M.S.

I recently stumbled across "The Least Read Blog on the Web" and was delighted to find a Lutheran Church, Missouri Synod (LCMS) pastor who read The Secret Life of Becky Miller and liked it. :-) Denominational loyalty prompted him to check out the book, and he said he found it instantly engaging.

"Hinck's writing made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion and yes, I even teared up on two occasions (get to the twist toward the end and see how dry-eyed you remain, those who judge me!)."

Do you remember the old sit-com, "Cheers?" In one episode, Woody is traumatized to discover that he and his beloved Kelly are of "different faiths." Turns out they are both Lutheran, but belong to different "synods." You may need to be a Lutheran to understand the significance and why that episode was howlingly funny.

I'm deeply grateful to be part of the specific body in the Lutheran church that does a wonderful job of living out, "grace alone, faith alone, scripture alone," with integrity (okay, and a little bit of stiffness at times-but we all have our flaws).

"Least Read" blogger, Pastor John, also blogs about his search to find more LCMS authors (Paul Maier in one). At my very first Mount Hermon Writer's Conference 3.5 years ago, I was introduced to an LCMS pastor from Chicago who is a writer, as well as the delightful Christine Tangvald, who began her writing career with Concordia Publishing House (also LCMS). Now, I adore my Christian friends of all synods, and all denominations - but it is really cool finding out about writers among my own tiny "clan."

Oh, I should mention that another LCMS pastor has read The Secret Life of Becky Miller. My own pastor has been a staunch supporter and encourager of my work, through it's various ups and downs. If you live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area and are looking for a great church, pop in to my congregation for a visit!

(P.S. The photo above is of Lighthouse Point in Duluth, Minnesota, another lovely view I captured on our brief trip in September.)

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