Friday, December 08, 2006

What's a Writer to Do?

How about a moment of prayer?

Funny how I sought God for direction as I began to write my first novel . . . how I prayed for wisdom about what to do with it when it was finished . . . how I lifted up editors, publishers, and other authors in CBA on a regular basis because I'd been deeply changed by the works of Christian authors over the years and saw it as valuable.

There was never any doubt that the constant work of a writer was prayer.

Then I got busy.

Book launches, interviews, deadlines. One galley arriving in the mail to proof-read while another manuscript is flying through cyberspace to its editor. Rewrites to do on a book while editing for several critique-buddies and reading books to endorse. Characters from seven different books (all at seven different points in production) all scampering around my brain day and night. What's a writer to do?

I told God it was too hard. I told friends it was too hard. I told my family I was going to become a Doula instead (assisting women during childbirth - at least the screams would be some one else's).

Then I remembered about prayer.

Instead of whining, I asked for help: Lord - I'm weary. I feel a deep need to get away somewhere for a few days. But you know my budget. You know my health issues. You know my schedule problems. But here I am. Asking for something my heart craves.

Like a good "Do-Be" I googled, I researched. Why do I always think I need to help God along with His answer? I found B&Bs (too far and too expensive), I found group retreats (too social). I gave up.

Weeks later, as more and more work piled up and my shoulders drooped further under the weight, a cheery emailed arrived. "If you ever want a place to get away and write, we have a little writer's studio on our farm an hour west of you. We love to offer this space as a ministry to Christian writers."

So this morning, I head out to a place of quiet and solitude with my Bible and the manuscript I need to revise before Christmas. And I have no doubt God will be there to meet me.

What's a writer to do when self-doubt roars louder than words for the page? When her eyes cross from sorting through hundreds of pages trying one more time to make things "just right." When deadlines keep moving forward in spite of sick kids, holidays, health issues?

What's a writer to do?


Sorry I forgot about that for awhile, Lord. Sorry I started to muscle in to do better and faster and more in my own power. Thank you for your gifts of love everyday, and especially this concecrated time to catch up - with you AND with my writing.


Has God answered a specific prayer in your life recently? I love hearing about the creative, timely, pitch-perfect treasures He brings our way. If you're willing, post a comment and share!

Sharon Hinck
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WayneThomasBatson said...


Thanks for this post. I SO needed to remember this writing thing that God has dropped in our laps is only going to work if it's on His power.

I have until Dec. 31st to finish a 300 page manuscript. I have 100 pages to go, and the deadline is tight.

With a family of 4 and teaching, and Christmas coming up, I don't know how I can do it. God can. He is the one who calls forth things that are not as if they are.

Congrats on the new fantasy title. Very cool cover. I'm off to pray now. Long overdue.

-wayne thomas batson