Thursday, May 10, 2007

English Tea

A few weeks ago, I was bid on in a fund-raising auction. (An English Tea with an author). I expected the winning bid to be about twenty-seven cents, but instead went for a ridiculously high amount. I'm pretty sure the tea was the big draw. Not to mention the delectable scones, sandwiches, and other desserts (many baked by Emily - thank you!)

What an amazing evening! This lovely group of women do a Wednesday Bible study together, and also read and discuss a wide variety of books (from Bonhoeffer to Gilead to Left Behind to Blue Like Jazz). We met at the home of Sharolyn - who has a tremendous gift of hospitality AND a basement decorated as an English pub with authentic signs, bar, and wonderful art collected over many years. I could imagine Tolkien and Lewis meeting there for a pint and a chat.

Their warmth, intelligence, interest, terrific questions, and delicious laughter were a tremendous gift after many weeks of hard rewriting work alone in my office.
Thank you, dear ones! You blessed my socks off!



Valerie Comer said...

Twenty-seven cents! ROFL. **Wipes tears of mirth from eyes.

Sounds like a neat evening!

Nancy the Romancechick said...

Sounds absolutely wonderful!

Shane said...

Tea is wonderful in and of itself. But tea with friends, ah, that is priceless.