Wednesday, November 21, 2007


One of the joys of hiking is to reach an overlook. After a few hours of climbing, suddenly you break out into an open space where you can fully appreciate the beauty of the wilderness area through which you've tromped. It's a place to stop, breathe deeply, and let the eyes soak in the expanse. Something expands in my rib cage when I stand on a rocky outcropping looking over treetops, lakes, and distant hills.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful overlook time. A time to stand still and take it all in. To turn slowly and appreciate the view in all directions. To feel awe again.

Instead of standing on the point of an overlook celebrating the beauty around me, I spend far too much time overlooking my blessings - missing them in the mire of tromping through another day of brambles and switchbacks.

Lord, forgive me for overlooking the treasures you've hidden in my ordinary days.
Create a heart of deep gratitude in me. Amen.

I woke up this morning thankful for my warm cozy comforter, for piano duets with my son, for my husband's strong arms around me as we snuggle on the couch, for my daughter's giggle, for the scent of lavender, and for a life full of amazing experiences.

Are you hosting Thanksgiving? Are you making mashed potatoes? Here's a favorite prayer tip I discovered 28 years ago when we began hosting Thanksgiving for my family:

Potato Prayers

As I peel potatoes, I pray for each person who is coming to dinner. (Usually two potatoes-worth per person). I thank God for that person, and pray for specific blessings in their life. It makes the potato peeling time fun, and helps me remember how much I love each person who will be gathered around the table.

Blessed Thanksgiving!
Please leave a comment about a few things you are thankful for!

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Pais Charos said...

I like the potato peeling idea! Have a great Thanksgiving, Sharon! Love you!