Friday, January 18, 2008

Sneak Peeks

Last week I stopped by the Northwestern Bookstore in Burnsville to drop off some bookmarks, and they had just received Symphony of Secrets and were putting copies on the shelf. What a treat to see!

Please let me know if you spot the book! This was such a fun story to write, I giggle every time I think of Amy, the professional flutist who fancies herself an arm-chair detective. It's also a book I hope folks can give to their friends who are searching spiritually, because the heroine in this book is just beginning to confront a few questions many of us have asked about faith issues.

Also releasing next month - The Restorer's Journey. It was featured this week at the Christian Author's Network "You've Got Books" bookclub. You can read it here, and read an early review here.

Having two books releasing so close together is a LOT like having twins, so I appreciate your prayers for these babies as they launch into the world.

Since both books feature music (even young Jake is a bit of a "songkeeper" in Restorer's Journey, and Symphony is ALL about music) I have a little music-related prize. Leave a comment if you buy either book and tell me where you bought it, and you'll be entered in a drawing!

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Blessings and gratitude!
Sharon Hinck


Pais Charos said...

I can't WAIT to read TRJ!! Very crafty of you to put the first chapter at the end of TRS!

*looks at front cover* *gulps* That's not ... on the ground ... *stops* Such a TEASE! :P I hope I can get the book soon...

Hey Sharon, are you by any chance planning on going to the Mt. Hermon conference? There's a small (very small) chance I might be going, and I was curious...

Roheryn said...

I'm with PaisY, I can't WAIT to read TRJ!

Don't authors always have all sorts of teases?

Ruth said...

Symphony of Secrets is appearing in LifeWay stores now! I can't wait for Restorer's Journey to do the same. :)

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Pais!
I did several major trips last year for my writing, so this year our family budget said, "no more." :-)
But it's a WONDERFUL conference and I highly recommend it.

Hi, Roh!
How are the horses? Have you had much snow over on your side of the country?

Ruth, thanks so much for the update! It's so exciting to hear about the book appearing.

Everyone, remember to post a comment about where you buy either book to be entered in my special prize drawing!

Pais Charos said...

Aw, shucks. I was hoping I'd get to see you if I went. Oh well...:P

Roheryn said...


the horses are... energetic to say the least... the cold always does that...
but no sticking snow... so no snow days yet... *tear*
but we will get some!
Oh, and in a few days I'll be sending ya a special e-mail but I'm not going ta tell ya what will be in it :D

Sharon Hinck said...

Ooooh! Now you're leaving ME in suspense, Roh! :-)

Joyce said...

Hi, Sharon,
I bought Symphony of Secrets at NW Book in Burnsville. But, not news to you that it is there - you mentioned being there when they were putting them on the shelf... Nice to see the Restorer and Restorer's Journey also on a prime, front shelf there. So neat to read the dedication to Ted's Mom. Makes me wish I had known her when she was making beautiful music.