Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Quiet Moment from the Tour

One of the activities on the Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction West Coast Tour was a community service event to support literacy. We donated books and spent time with children at a housing project.

The photo shows me chatting with one little girl. We shared a love for Dr. Seuss.

And yes, you can just make out that I'm wearing my baldric and sword. It's been odd since being home to get up in the morning and NOT strap on my sword.

I hope I can keep looking for the person sitting alone who needs someone to come sit beside her. I hope I can strap on the sword of the Spirit each day.
I hope today will provide a quiet moment of fellowship.

I pray your day will include a quiet moment, the blessing of a new friend, and the joy of shared interests.

Sharon Hinck


Rebecca LuElla Miller said...

Love that picture, Sharon. So cool. I love, too, the idea that you became so used to strapping on a sword in such a short time! A true fantasy writer, living out a fantasy! LOL


Memzie Latham said...

Beautiful!!! I hope I get to the point of getting used to strapping on the Holy Sword.