Monday, November 03, 2008

A Visit from L.B. Graham

I've always loved books. Growing up, authors were mysterious and amazing gifts to my little world. So once I became a novelist, one of my favorite perks was the opportunity to get to know other authors and spend time with them.

Each week for the next two months, I'll share a little about one of the authors from the Motiv8 Fantasy Fiction Tour. I toured with these authors from October 3-12, 2008, all over the West Coast. You get to know a lot about an author when they get up at 4:00 a.m. to hit the road for another long day of events, or you see them sit beside a child in an oncology unit to share a book, or you teach an English class side-by-side with them. I hope whatever genres you read, you'll enjoy hearing about the HEART of each of these authors.

As we prepared for the Motiv8 tour, I was delighted that L.B. Graham was joining the tour. His primary target readership (like mine) is adults. Critics have compared his epic five-book series to Tolkien - a true traditional high fantasy.

What impressed me about L.B. as I got to know him on the tour, was his humble brilliance. We co-taught a high-school class at one of the venues, and his ability to answer questions, draw in examples from classic literature, and EDUCATE blew me away. When he spoke at events, his love for Christ always shone. Yet he was also gracious about taking a back seat (literally - that van was crowded!), and serving in any way that was needed. He was particularly kind to me at one point on the tour that I was feeling pretty yucky physically - in reminding me that if I had to leave the tour and fly home, no one would think less of me. Those compassionate words made a huge difference to me on a rough day.

It was also fun to discover that L.B.'s wife is from Australia, since I was "visiting" an Australian book group on my return from the tour. His heritage of faith (and how it ties in with Australia and his books) is truly inspiring.

Visit his blog to learn more about him, and if you enjoy epic fantasy, grab the Binding of the Blade series. I have the first book on my To-Be-Read pile right now.



Karenee said...

You're in for a treat. I just read the whole series in three days because a friend loaned it to me (during a short time while part of the family was away so she couldn't read it to them). I found Rulalin's character to be most... well, you'll see. I think he's the best part of the story, actually.

L.B. Graham said...

Thanks for the post, Sharon!

WayneThomasBatson said...

I can see the comparisons between LB and Tolkien. LB is one serious world-builder. I've only read Beyond the Summerland, but just a few pages in, you feel like you've discovered someplace that has always been.

Elizabeth M Thompson said...

Hi Sharon,

Our family attended the Motiv8 event in Sacramento, California. I was hoping to say "hi" to you, but you ducked out before I had the chance.

It was great to meet LB and the rest of the group. My children are reading the books we purchased and asking for more. It was a great way to introduce them to a genre they had never really read.

A woman in the audience asked if any of the authors would be willing to share how they came to Christ. Each author than shared their own conversion story--right there in Barnes & Noble. It was awesome!