Monday, April 16, 2012

Book Buzz for Restorer's Son-Expanded Edition

I'm so excited for the release of this special expanded edition of one of my favorite stories.

Various readers and bloggers are chatting with me about the book, and I'll post links here as they go live. Feel free to drop by, ask questions, or comment!

Jill at Radiant Lit (April 12)

Hoosier Ink (April 12)

Darren at Realms of Infinity (April 12)

Michelle at Scarlet Inkwell (April 13)

Cheryl at Writing Remnants (April 15)

Brenda at Spire Reviews (April 17)

Cara at The Law, Books, and Life (April 17)

Lena at A Christian Writer's World (April 24)

Val Comer at Live Simply (April 27)

Find the book in paperback here.

Find the book for Kindle here.

Find the book for Nook here.

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