Monday, May 14, 2012

Teen Readers

When I began writing the Restorer books, the readership I had it mind were my friends: Other moms, struggling to find the courage for some hard roads. Asking questions about the unexpected turns that life sometimes takes. Wondering how to draw closer to God instead of pulling away from Him.

I didn't anticipate how many younger readers would embrace the stories. What a fun bonus! I hear from teen readers often, and love their enthusiasm and ability to embrace an imaginary world and travel to creative places.

My friend Renee just posted some beautiful thoughts from a teen reader, Alissa. You can read about it here.

I'm so grateful when I hear of someone who has been blessed by these stories.

Now, time for me to stop blogging and get back to work on The Deliverer (book 4 of the Sword of Lyric series). The story is taking some interesting turns.

Sharon Hinck


David Bergsland said...

Just to keep you off guard. I loved your book. I just finished the expanded Restorer. It was a marvelous read.
Let's show I fit your demographic.

Male, 68, teacher, writer, publisher, husband of a truly anointed woman pastor, designer, landscaper, and so on.

It was a blessing to read the book. It was a joy to meet Susan.

Thank you!

Sharon Hinck said...

I LOVE it, David. Thanks for sharing. Again, it shows that when we think we know what God is up to, He's often doing far more. I hear from many men who have enjoyed The Restorer - even though the protagonist is a mom. I'm delighted that some of the universal struggles Susan faces ring true for lots of people beyond my "target audience."

May the One grant you courage for each day's journey!