Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Devotional Classics

Bookshelf Wednesday: Devotional Classics

 What could Christians of the 1100's, 1300's, 1600's, or even 1930's have to share that would be relevant to our current daily challenges of living for Christ in modern society? Turns out they have quite a bit to say.

I'm constantly amazed when I find my own questions, journeys and struggles reflected in the writing of Christians whose era and life situations are so different from my own.

This volume of Devotional Classics edited by Richard Foster and James Smith gives a rich sampling of Christian thinkers through the ages. The chapters create groupings by themes such as "The Prayer-Filled Life" or "The Word-Centered Life." In addition to selections from the writings of great men and women of faith, each section includes Scripture, reflection questions, and suggested exercises.

The copy from my shelf is a bit dog-eared, but as I paged through it today to write my recommendation, I decided I'd like to dog-ear it even more. As much as I love the work of contemporary authors, there is a wealth of blessing to be discovered from Christian writers of past generations.

Sharon Hinck

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