Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Several years ago, I was tossing around ideas for a novel about a woman longing to be "more" than she believed she was. I remembered a short story by James Thurber: "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty." Perhaps we studied it in high school, or even earlier. (Thank you to all my wonderful English teachers over the years!)

The very brief story clearly made an impact, because after so many years, I still remembered the image of a hen-pecked husband escaping into adventurous daydreams.  That concept inspired The Secret Life of Becky Miller, my first published novel.

Becky loses herself in grandiose daydreams, but finds herself in the trials of her real life. She grapples with spiritual questions, laughs and cries with her quirky friends, and pours her heart into her family.

I was delighted to hear that a new movie inspired by "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" has been released. I haven't seen it yet (I'm a "wait for Redbox" sort), but have heard good things.

Hearing about the movie's release also reminded me that I'd been procrastinating about getting my Becky Miller novels available as e-books.

I'll be officially launching the e-book versions soon, but you can get a sneak peek of the first book now.

Order The Secret Life of Becky Miller on Kindle here.

Order The Secret Life of Becky Miller on Nook here.

I love that Becky dreams big. But I also love that she finds her real life--loved by God, and able to share that love with others--is a grander adventure than any that her imagination can create.

Sharon Hinck


Sarah Elisabeth said...

Ah, I tried to post this comment when you first posted, but I guess it didn't take. Hopefully it will take this time:

Congrats on getting your ebooks up, Sharon! I'm taught an ebook workshop last Monday. They're a passion in themselves for me lol. What do you like about ebooks yourself?

I fell in love with your writing through the Restorer series, and this one looks wonderful as well. Love the premise!

Have you heard of the new movie, Moms Night Out? I think you'd totally appreciate it. It hits theaters Mother's Day weekend.

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Sarah!
Sorry you had trouble posting earlier.
Thanks for trying again.

I've had many requests from readers to get all my books into e-reader format. One example was someone who does a lot of sailing, and loved having a vast library that takes up no space. :-) I still prefer print editions, but am also happy to be able to collect lots of books that don't need dusting.

Haven't seen Moms Night Out, but I'll check into it. Just saw "Saving Mr. Banks" and LOVED IT.

Have a great day!