Thursday, August 10, 2006

Checking in with Friends

Every now and again, I love to pop around to the blogs of friends and see what they are thinking about. I have to ration myself or I'd never get my writing work done. But this week, I took a bit of time off on my WIP (Work In Progress) and did some visiting.

My friend, Kelli, shared some heartfelt thoughts on this year's Christy awards. If you were there, you'll want to read her take on it, and post a comment.

A woman whose intelligent and passionate views on Christian speculative fiction have encouraged me for quite a while, wrote about THE SECRET LIFE OF BECKY MILLER on her blog. Her name? Becky Miller (no relation!). She's also been posting some great thoughts about critical thinking, critique, and being kind - they don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Karen Hancock wrote some powerful and encouraging words about fear - something every writer spends time battling. If you have a moment, drop by her blog and be uplifted.

My irrepressible friend, Camy, did an interview today with one of my critique partners and writing buddies, Jill Nelson. You can enter a drawing for a free book if you stop by Camy's site! And Jill has some cool goodies on her new website. She and I are planning some book signings together this fall (more info on that to come!)

Over at Faithchicks (where I blog once a month), author Judy Baer is joining the party. She's a Minnesota author, so you KNOW she's cool! And be sure to scroll down and read Sharon Dunn's awesome post, "Icky, Icky." Her humble wisdom always blesses my socks off. And no, I'm not biased because of her name.

Then I visited Meredith Efken's blog and saw that I'VE BEEN TAGGED! This means I need to answer her question ("If you could write a novel about ANY topic, what would it be?") and then tag some other friends.

Okay, some of my FAVORITE kinds of story are the "step into the book and live it," sort. Or the "character steps out of the film and comes to life" story (ala Purple Rose of Cairo). Better yet, a "create it and make it happen" story. Harold and the Purple Crayon for adults. That would be a novel I'd love to write!

So I'm tagging Jill Nelson - because she's bursting with energy after getting her very first copy of her very first novel in the mail yesterday.

And anyone else I mentioned in this blog who wants to play. :-)

See how much fun it is popping by a friend's virtual front porch for a visit?


Sharon Hinck


Meredith Efken said...

Harold and the Purple Crayon for adults...that's terrific! I loved that book! :) Thanks for playing, Sharon!

Jill said...

I hear I've been tagged! Which means I'm IT! (whatever "it" is).

"If you could write a novel about ANY topic - what would it be?"

Hmmmm. By topic, I'm thinking theme. I'd love for people to get a clear picture of how vital it is to learn how to love the way God loves. Jesus left us only two commandments--love God, love people. The more we master love, the closer we are to Him, and the more of His power and presence we manifest to the world.

It would be cool to tell a story about a couple of Christian friends and how their lives turn out so differently because of their love-walk choices.

Camy Tang said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Sharon! Jill and I had a grand time. She might not come back to my blog, but that's another story. :)

Alison Strobel Morrow said...

Hi Sharon! I saw your comment on Melanie Dobson's blog and wanted to tahnk you for your kind words. It's always nice to know you're not the only one who feels a certain way on things. :) Hope today is a blessed one for you!