Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kathy Tyers Blog Tour 8-06

I'm joining other bloggers who love speculative (sci-fi/fantasy) fiction by Christian authors, to feature gifted author Kathy Tyers.

Several years ago, a friend recommended her Firebird series and I devoured it. When I mentioned how much I enjoyed it to my adult son, he said, "Oh, I know her name. She wrote a Star Wars novel." Sure enough, Balance Point was on my shelf - one of my favorite of the novels created for the Star Wars storyworld. On top of that, she's co-written a book with Christopher Parkening. When I was a choreographer, I created a modern ballet to a collection of his Bach classical guitar works, and my son (a composer who studied classical guitar in college) had a professor who had studied under Christopher Parkening.

Anyone else want to play six degrees of separation? No wonder I enjoyed her Firebird books.

The blog tour this week has led me to ponder why I'm a sci-fi geek. Yes, I confess it. If you've read "The Secret Life of Sharon Hinck" on my website, you know that I once hosted a Star Trek mystery party, dressed as Deanna Troi. I own a pile of Star Trek Next Generation paperbacks, and a few Star Wars novels, as well. I adored Randy Ingermanson and John Olson's books, Oxygen and The Fifth Man. This summer I was delighted by Relentless by Robin Parrish (which is the sort of blend of fantasy/sci-fi you find in comic books storyworlds like X-men).

Maybe my brain likes the exercise of being stretched in new directions by sci-fi issues such as the paradoxes of time travel. Perhaps I enjoy exploring alien civilizations through the eyes of a character. But most of all, I like the insights into "real life" that sneak up on me while enjoying a sci-fi perspective of the world.

Reading C.S. Lewis' space trilogy had a huge impact of my spiritual walk and some of the planet-earth questions I had about evil and redemption. Mary Doria Russell's book, The Sparrow, made me ache to bridge communication barriers. Kathy Tyers' book stirred in me the passion to examine ways the kingdom of darkness has lied to me.

Sci-fi is fun. Sci-fi is thought-provoking. And sometimes, sci-fi can give us a lens to see truth in a new way.

Now, to explore "strange new worlds and new civilizations" pop by some of these other members of the Blog Tour for a visit!

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Sharon Hinck


Camy Tang said...

I adore Kathy Tyers! I'm so excited about her blog tour!

Tina said...

This is my first foray into Tyers' world and so far, so good! While not a sci-fi geek I do enjoy escaping into other worlds!

Elliot said...

Have you read Russell's The Children of God? I really liked The Sparrow, but it's kind of a Good Friday book. CoG provided more hope.

Rebecca said...

Great points, Sharon. You're wearing me down. I'm considering putting Tyers on my to-read list. I'm not all the way there yet.

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi everyone!
Camy and Tina, yep, she's terrific.
Elliot, yes, you're right about Russell's book. And I have read the second book. I like your analogy of the first one being a "Good Friday" book.
Rebecca, add Firebird to your stack for a day when you want to feel "space age." :-)