Saturday, February 03, 2007

Thirty-three Degrees Below Zero (Windchill)

What a great day for a book launch party!

The weather was bitter cold, but the mood was warm and enthusiastic at the party and book-signing to welcome Renovating Becky Miller.

Here are a few photos. My son played classical guitar before the reading and games, and during the signing time later. My dear hubby gave me the moral support I needed. The shot of me sitting at the book signing table was the only moment of quiet I had all afternoon once folks arrived. The store sold about seventy copies of my books, so I was very busy chatting and autographing. The caped Becky Miller is my friend Marijo, who led a guessing game, reading snippets from Becky's daydreams while people guessed which movie they were based on. Winners got to choose fun prizes like Becky Miller tote bags, mugs, and notebooks.

I'll try to write more later. Right now it's all a blur and I need a nap. :-)

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