Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Unscientific Experiment

Last week, I invited my blog readers to participate in a fun experiment and order a copy of Renovating Becky Miller on January 22nd to see if we could bump the book to the top of the list for one day.

I was able to track responses from the link I posted, and fourteen copies were purchased during Jan. 22-23. THANK YOU to each of you!

The results?

Out of about 1500 contemporary Christian fiction titles at the specific online store, Renovating Becky Miller edged up into the top 60. Out of Bethany House contemporary fiction titles, it reached the top 10 briefly.

What does this mean?
Not much. :-)

I'm grateful that ANYONE wants to read my stories, and that the book made a blip - however modest - on the radar.

As promised, I will now stop checking. God will accomplish what He desires with my books. (Although I wish they made a gum like Nicorette for this "how am I doing" addiction. LOL!)

The experiment DID remind me to be very grateful for EACH person who buys a book. It also reminded me to celebrate the AMAZING other writers whose works of art fill the list. Isn't it amazing how MANY novels by Christian authors are available these days? And in a huge range of genres? Next time you need a gift idea, browse the wealth of fiction by Christian authors. Let's bump ALL their books up the charts. :-)


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CWAHM said...

I'm so excited that the book is doing well. 14 copies is great! Can't wait for your next book as well!! :)

~ Jill