Monday, April 30, 2007

It's Here!

I've had my nose pressed against the window each day, waiting for our mail carrier. Today, my author copy of The Restorer is HERE!!!! And it's gorgeous, and smells so good (ah, I love the smell of fresh ink), and it's the PERFECT size. What magic made 477 pages fit into the right shape...? It's just such a WELCOMING size and feel. Not too bulky...nice readable size type...just right. I LOVE it.

Wow. I'm so stunned it'll take awhile to sink in. In some way or other I've been at work on this book for nearly five years. That's a much longer pregnancy than for my kids - even all of them combined.

What a BEAUTIFUL fulfillment of a dream. It's perfect.

Remember how the Israelites built a "standing stone" when they finally entered the promised land? This book is a sort of standing stone - a tangible reminder that when God nudges me to do something, even if it seems crazy (like write a fantasy book and try to get it published in CBA) - that He is ABLE to do amazing things.

I'm not sure where all the other copies of the book are - on the way to a distributor warehouse? In trucks on the way to stores? We're about two weeks from release date, and I'm not sure of all the process these dear books go through on their way to reach the stores. I do know that the official release date is May 15, so when you stop at your local bookstore, you can ask them if they've ordered their copies yet. :-)

In the meantime, I'm hugging my copy and thanking God for inviting me along on this adventure. The adventure of life, the adventure of serving Him, and the specific adventure of writing this book.

P.S. Scroll down to see the book-trailer if you haven't seen it yet. :-)

Sharon Hinck
The Restorer (NavPress, 5/2007)


Valerie Comer said...

{{HUGS!!}} Thanks for sharing this special moment with us! I'm looking forward to the arrival of my copy and I pray God's blessing upon this book.

Becky said...

YEA!!! How great is that!! I do wish I'd ordered one for the blog tour. (I have a hard time doing that since I already have an ARC--and it was so clean and ... well, like the real thing! Still ... Hahah--I think it's more the idea of it that sounds cool).

I'm so excited to hear what people will say when they get a chance to read it. AND I'm looking forward to Son of Restorer (is that the right title?)


relevantgirl said...


I'm so excited, Restorer Girl!

Deborah said...

447 pages???? i love long books! can't wait to read it.

Sharon Hinck said...

Valerie - thank you for the hug and for being excited with me! I treasure your prayers for the book.

Becky - The Restorer's Son is the title of the next one...followed by The Restorer's Second Cousin Twice Removed (just kidding - that's my snarky eldest son's title suggestion).

Thanks Mary! I can hear your Yahooooo all the way from Texas. Thanks for sharing my excitement!

Deborah - I'm delighted you like long books. These days, lots of people tell me they don't read anymore - and especially not long books...Hooray for nice thick volumes!

everlastingscribe said...
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everlastingscribe said...

I'll have to make sure it goes on the to-be-ordered list at work, for some reason we are always behind when it come to new releases in fantasy. And the tour is headed our way too! Won't do to be behind this time! Congrats!

And I'll steal this from Lewis-I agree with him whole heartedly:

You can't get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.-C.S. Lewis

Ruth said...

I am SOOOO excited for you! Can't wait to read it!


Valerie Comer said...

>>The Restorer's Son is the title of the next one...followed by The Restorer's Second Cousin Twice Removed (just kidding - that's my snarky eldest son's title suggestion)<<

ROFL. I think I'd get on well with your son...

Sally Bradley said...

How exciting!

Sharon, I'm looking forward to reading your newest baby. I'll keep an eye out for in my neck of the woods.

WayneThomasBatson said...

Well done, Swordmaiden of Truth. I say again, well done. This is another example of how we are made in God's image: you have created something and now to see it, the finished product, you feel such overwhelming joy.

God gives each person gifts, and there's nothing like using yours for His kingdom.

Sharon Hinck said...

Dear everlastingscribe -
I LOVE that C.S. Lewis quote! Suits me to a tea (pun intended) :-)

Hi, Ruth! I can't wait for others to GET to read it. Counting down days until it hits the stores!!! Most places should have it (or be able to order it quickly) by May 15!

Val - Yeah, my eldest son (and all my kids) do a good job of keeping me laughing at myself. :-)

Sally - let me know where/when you spot it! I'll be doing a "Hunt for the Restorer" contest on my blog beginning May 15. :-)

Wayne - thank you SO much. You're such a blessing - you have SUCH a gift of encouragement.

Deena said...

I've been "haunting" my local Christian bookstore...begging for a copy...they promise me they've ordered some...
447 pages...that's going to be SOME read...oooh, I get goosebumps thinking about it!!

I hate it when I have book envy...but you deserve to have the first copy...since you wrote it...I suppose......LOL!!

Rel said...

Fantastic, Shazza!! Your son did a terrific job on the trailer too!