Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference

I just got in last night from my week at Mount Hermon, have no voice, over four hundred emails in my box, and a heart full of joy.

Here’s what is so cool. I went to Mount Hermon asking for a few drops of encouragement and some new direction. I went feeling weary, discouraged with myself, painfully inadequate for the work I’ve been doing and still have ahead. I'm blessed with DEAR encouraging publishers and editors and agent, and wonderful, caring friends and family. Yet even with that support, I confront my weaknesses daily as I try to grow as a writer. I was tuckered out and couldn't see beyond my inadequacies lately.

One after another, God led me to conversations, interviews, meetings, classes, deep times of prayer with others, and worship times that spoke to a deep place in my heart. Sometime Sunday afternoon I realized, “I’m me again!”

It was HIS work, because I had TRIED to resurrect some joy or courage but couldn’t. He did major healing in my spirit.

It made the Monday night award that much more special (I was named 2007 Writer of the Year). It was a celebration of a miracle He had worked in my heart all week. I KNOW that my validation comes from Him and not human recognition. But that He chose to give me a precious gift of affirmation like this was a tender treat from Him. He is so very very kind and gentle with me.

I asked for a few drops of encouragement and He gave me an ocean.
He is so good.

The photo shows me with the awesome Reagen Reed - my editor for the Restorer books. She is such a treasure and it was a BLAST to hang out in person with her for the first time.

In my last blog post, I wrote about God's plot twists. How fun that I got to experience one this week!

BLESSED Holy Week, dear ones. He is risen indeed.


Eve said...

Congrats, Sharon! It's so great to hear encouraging words from others and know that it's God speaking to you through them.

Deena said...

Hey, my dear friend...I'm so looking forward to "The Restorer"...and I've nominated YOU for the "Thinking Blogger Award"!!

Rel said...

Yay, Sharon :)

Valerie Comer said...

Congrats, Sharon. And AMEN!

Tonja said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! You are Writer of the Year in my book, too!! I rejoice with you for ALL that the Lord has done for you! and in you!!
What a tremendous blessing!!

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks, everyone!
I've been swamped with stuff since getting back (yep, I've been having a Becky Miller kind of week) and woefully slow catching up on blogging. Soon. I promise. :-)

But your shared joy is a blessing, and deeply appreciated!

Donna J. Shepherd said...

It was so much fun getting to know you. Maybe one day we'll hang out at the Mall again. :)

Congratulations again on your award! - Donna