Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gift Ideas for your Fantasy/Sci-Fi Friend

Latest in Spec
newsletter has put together a terrific gift-giving guide featuring books sure to make any Fantasy and Sci-fi fan squeal.

You can download the four-page buying guide here.

Huge thanks to the staff of Latest in Spec, and the many fine authors represented.

On a similar note, for those who don't receive my Book Buddy newsletter, in my recent edition I shared a way you can give a gift to the hard-working authors, editors, store managers, and support staff working in the Christian publishing industry: Include at least one or two novels on your gift-giving list.

There are a huge range of genres available these days, and wonderful stories that provide entertainment, but also offer truth, inspiration, and a powerful reading experience.

Sharon Hinck
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Shane said...

Just thought I'd let you know the link to the pdf isn't working right. I'll just make the proper one below:


That should be the right one.


Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks, Shane!
I think I got it working now. :-)
Tis the season for glitches...