Monday, March 10, 2008

Sample a Chapter - Symphony of Secrets

Just a quick note - Symphony of Secrets is being featured this week at "You've Got Books" - an online service sponsored by Christian Author's Network. You can sample the first chapter by clicking here.
I love the weeks after a book releases when I begin to hear from people that identified with themes in the story. When I hear that something rang true, all the work feels that much more meaningful. Two of my Bethany House editors have said this is their favorite of all my books - but I wondered what other readers would think. You can click on any of the links below for some fun thoughts on the book.

Virginia Smith wrote, "Symphony of Secrets is a quick read, not because it’s light on content, but because the writing and the story pull you in so effectively you don’t want to put it down." For more of her thoughts visit Virginia Smith's Book Reviews.

Violet Nesdoly said, "In Symphony of Secrets Hinck is, as in earlier books, in fine and funny form. Full of clever comparisons and savvy humor, her writing is always a pleasure to read." Read her in-depth review Blog Critics.

Cara Putman shared, "This book is written with a light touch that often had me laughing out loud as I read it. Amy sees more what ifs in a situation than anybody I know!" in her review at The Law, Books, and Life.

At Radiant Lit, Jill Hart said, "Mom-lit and music lovers everywhere will want to make sure to grab a copy and prepare to be entertained."

BookHaunts Book Reviews has great feedback by Ane Mulligan who wrote, "I enjoyed every page of this book! Hinck employs wit and angst as you follow Amy, a musical geek trying to fulfill her dreams."

Number one Amazon Reviewer, Harriet Kausner said, "Combining music with an amateur sleuth investigation and a light welcoming inspirational religious touch, readers will want to attend the symphony."


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