Tuesday, March 04, 2008

What Can I Give?

If you subscribe to Christian Research Journal, be sure to read the News Watch section in this month's issue. In an interview with Douglas LeBlanc, The Restorer is discussed, and my thoughts on my readership, Christian fiction, and our art not needing to be reactive (either by riding on coattails of fads or by creating art in opposition to what others are doing). I remember feeling intimidated doing the interview, because it's been many years since grad school and I wondered if I had anything to add to the discussion with the intellectual level that the journal merits. But the reporter was very gracious in his choice of quotes so I don't sound as ditzy as I thought I did.

AND one more fun visit. My podcast interview with Jill Hart of Christian Work at Home Moms is now up. We had a chat full of giggles, insights, and fun, and you can hear all about the secrets behind the new release, Symphony of Secrets, if you stop by to listen.



Anonymous said...

Restorer's Journey is coming out soon?


Sharon Hinck said...

Yes! Restorer's Journey has released. I've heard from friends that ordered from Amazon that their copies have shipped...and a few others have told me they spotted the book in their local stores. If they don't have it in yet, just ask the staff, and they can order it. :-)

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada - I ALWAYS order Christian fiction through the local bookstore if I can, because I want to promote it, especially Christian fantasy, because that's what I'm currently trying to write.

Ordered Restorer's Journey today :)