Wednesday, July 09, 2008

White Water Rafting

One more picture from the family reunion in Colorado. My hubby,
two daughters and I are in the boat along with other relatives. I'm the one holding up a yellow paddle on the right side of the photo (wearing a baseball cap).

We did category three rapids - which I guess is fairly mild, but it was exciting enough for me. :-)

Now I'm off to a writing retreat in Orlando, the Christy Awards dinner, and the ICRS conference.

I'll blog about it all when I return home.

Sharon Hinck


Marti said...

But Sharon--what I want to know is--where you TALKING to the rapids as you traveled along?

Thanks to the Christy nominee for blessing the newbie so significantly.
I look forward to watching His work through you and your writing!

Marti said...

"Where you" or perhaps even "were you" . . . as I said, newbie!

mgp (red-faced)

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Marti!

What a blessing to break bread with you. And I'm afraid that whatever the water was saying to me wasn't very nice, since I was busy swatting it with my paddle. :-)

thank you for also hearing "the man in the ceiling"