Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Lutheran Witness

More fun press. Oh, how I hope it helps people find out about my books!
The January, 2009 issue of The Lutheran Witness includes a blurb about me as part of an article on the various faces of Lutherans today. You can read the article here.

I love my reader mail, and got permission to share this one, because it was so inspiring to me:

Bernadette wrote:
Just wanted to say that I am currently reading (and enjoying) Stepping Into
. I just had to stop and let you know that I just read one of the most
potent sentences of this year: "So your theory is that unless you can cure
cancer, you shouldn't bother holding the hand of the woman battling it?" What a wake up call to the Chrisian community. Those words are a powerful clarion call that I believe will combat our resistence to doing things at a grass roots level. Thanks so much! I will be sharing your words with everyone in my circle who uses the inability to do "great" things as an excuse to do nothing.

Thanks so much, Bernadette! We can all be encouraged by the way God uses our small, imperfect efforts to pour out His grace in big ways.


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