Monday, April 20, 2015

Infusion of Joy

(pictured: Minnesota novelists Elizabeth Goddard, Michelle Griep, Chawna Schroeder, and Erica Vetsch)

Infusion of Joy

Do you ever long for some fresh energy for your work? Perhaps you work in the creative arts--writing, music, theatre. Or maybe you are in another field. We all have times when the struggle to work and create begins to feel heavy and sluggish.

As I writer, I do much of my work in isolation, where it's easy to lose perspective or become discouraged. One of the best ideas I've found to infuse joy back into the process is to gather with others.

I occasionally invite a few friends for a day of work at my place. These talented authors recently spent the day writing new scenes. The sound of other hands clicking away at laptops always inspires me to dig a little deeper and get another page written.

Give it a try! No special planning required. Simply invite a couple friends to gather for a day of shared creative work. See if it gives you a boost.

Sharon Hinck


TheProdigal said...

This blog entry comes in a very timely manner. I have dreams of earning a living in the creative field but am still supporting myself by doing administrative support. I am really feeling the "humdrum" of my job.

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks for commenting! I pray that God infuses some joy even into the "humdrum" for you - AND that you get opportunities to use your creativity!