Thursday, April 02, 2015

Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday

For my Christian brothers and sisters who follow the traditional church calendar, today is a special day with a strange name. As a child, I always thought we were going to church for "Monday Thursday."

"Maundy" comes from the word "command" or "mandate" - and reminds us to follow Jesus' command to love one another, and serve others as He demonstrated by washing the disciples feet at His last supper with them before He went to the cross.

Churches celebrate with worship, the Lord's Supper, and some do a foot-washing ceremony. But we can also honor the day with acts of humble service and love for others. We could empty garbage even when it's not our usual chore, or fold laundry for another family member, or fill the car with gas, or wash the kitchen floor. Any task that coaxes us to put others above ourselves can be a reminder of how the King of Kings became a servant to save us, and how He gives us a new command to love one another.

Blessed Maundy Thursday!

Sharon Hinck

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