Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Learning the Lessons of Becky Miller

Lately, I've found myself feeling overwhelmed with a zillion details relating to my writing life. I've grown frustrated with myself because I don't have enough energy, skill, or hours in the day for everything I could/should be doing as an author, wife, mom, church member, friend, neighbor, daughter.

This morning as I prayed and whined to God again about how little He has to work with in me (and why not make me smarter, faster, stronger--bionic?), I realized it was time for me to face some facts.

I AM a flawed, human, broken, limited person.

Ignoring that fact leads me to run faster and harder and spin my wheels in a frenzy of efforts that make me less available to love those around me.

That's when it hit me. That was very much the struggle Becky Miller faced in The Secret Life of Becky Miller. She felt that as a Christian (with God's strength at her beck and call) she should be able to perform at a superhuman level. She demanded it of herself.

Yet when God calls us to rely on His strength, He's not inviting us to take His place. To try to BE God. He's promising the resources we need as His little children doing our humble, clumsy best for Him. Big difference!

It's a little embarrassing that I can write a whole book about a character trying to be Supermom (developed from my own warped overachieving of the past) and still continue to be clueless today about ways I'm slipping into that. I want to wear a "Superwriter" cape. But the truth is, the only SUPER One is God.

Lord, today we take off the mantle of "savior of the world and manager of the universe" and offer it back to you with repentent hearts. We are your children and that is enough. Guide us in each small way of service today, and let that service come from a heart of love. When we stumble and even when we fail, let us rejoice that your strength is made perfect in our weakness. Amen!

Sharon Hinck

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