Thursday, May 25, 2006


To celebrate the release of my first novel, I'm touring the world (including South Africa, Canada, and all over the U.S.A.) via the internet. I'll be visiting a variety of blogs to be interviewed, to share a guest article, or to be part of drawings for The Secret Life of Becky Miller.

You're invited to enjoy THE SECRET IS OUT Blog Tour. Travel with me from site to site and meet some great new people! If you have a website or blog and would like me to visit your site, I still have a few days open for the tour. Let me know!

Here's where I'll be each day in June:

June 1. Becky Miller
June 2. Tiff Amber Miller
June 3. Valery Sykes
June 4. Janet W. Butler
June 5. Camy Tang
June 6. Mary Griffith
June 7 Sharon Hinck’s Home Blog
June 8. Lisa Harris
June 9. Julie Carobini
June 10. Tricia Goyer
June 12. Violet Nesdoly
June 13. Jamie Driggers
June 14-15. Ruth Anderson
June 16. Melanie Dobson
June 17. Donna Fleisher
June 20. Mary DeMuth
June 22. Karen Hancock
June 25. Lena Nelson Dooley
June. 26 April Choate


Ruth said...

Hi Sharon! I would love to have you come visit my blog on your "tour." If this is something you'd want to do just let me know what works for you!

Sharon Hinck said...

yes yes yes!
Please send me your email
(mine is writer at mn dot rr dot com)
and let's correspond! WHEEE! I'd SO love to visit your ultra cool site!

Hugs, SHaron

Sharon Hinck said...

P.S. - Ruth I also love House (I read your thoughts about House=Holmes)

Ruth said...

YAY! I'm so excited to be on your "tour" we just have to figure out what to do to celebrate your book!! :)

Cathy West said...

Hi, Sharon!
Great site. I look forward to 'meeting' you and following you around on your tour! Watch out for that Camy though...:)
This is no doubt a very exciting time for you. Congratulations on the book and I look forward to seeing it!
I haven't ventured into the interviewing writers area yet - maybe I should consider it!

Camy Tang said...

Yeah! This is going to be so fun!!

Ruth said...

Hi Sharon,

I rec'd Becky Miller in the mail yesterday, thank you so much!


Magnolia said...

Warm, funny, thought provoking blogsite! Love it!

Amy said...

Is there really Kevin Millers out there, do they exist????
And as a single parent, there is no way I can afford a nanny. My excitement is playing with my kids.