Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Playing "Let's Pretend"

Jo in Little Women, Anne of Green Gables fame, Nellie Bly. In childhood, when I read about characters who were writers, my heart beat with a sense of recognition. Telling stories, searching for the perfect word, noticing life from unusual angles--it's all part of the writing journey that fits me like an old tweed jacket with elbow patches.

But doing my first book signing for The Secret Life of Becky Miller challenged my brain. Part of me still feels like I'm playing "Let's Pretend to be a Writer." So I dressed up, arrived, and saw the huge sign with my picture and book cover in Barnes and Noble.

How did it feel?

Surreal! When would the store manager call security to chase the imposter away from the author table? When would a customer crack open a book and say, "Ah, ha! The pages are blank!"?

Once I realized that wasn't happening, I had a blast. I loved chatting, handing out little freebies, and thanking people in person for taking a chance on purchasing a book from a new author. I felt incredible gratitude for this opportunity. There are MANY gifted writers who haven't yet found a publisher. I know. I've read manuscripts far better than my books. I recognize that having a book in print is a rare and precious gift. So I appreciated every moment. These photos show me with author Allison Bottke who was also signing her debut novel, and my friend Becky McClain who gracious dressed up as BECKY MILLER to add some fun to the event.

Even better were emails I received the next day. "I started reading your book and couldn't put it down. You describe feelings I didn't know how to put into words."

What an amazing example of God's grace. He can stir a dream, provide support and open doors, and create something that can be a blessing to others--all out of our very ordinary, flawed lives.

Because of Him, we don't have to play "Let's Pretend." We are truly loved, cherished, and called to a purpose.

Sharon Hinck


Ane Mulligan said...

You're a WONDERFUL writer, Sharon, and don't say anything otherwise! If you do, what does that say about MY taste? LOL

The book signing looks wonderful! We're sure proud of you.

Julie Carobini said...

You did it! So glad you had such fun at your signing, Sharon.


Ruth said...

So glad to hear that the signing went well! And thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures!!

Cyndy Salzmann said...

How fun to see both you and Ali at an event together! Two great books! Two great authors!! Hugs, Cyndy

Cathy West said...

This is so inspiring.
I can't wait to be sitting behind that table one day, if He wills it.
Of course I'd be signing my book, not yours...:)
Although, if you need a break...