Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Balance in the Writing Life

Sometimes the writing life is so full of discouragement and frustration, I'm desperate for a good laugh. What a blessing when one comes along!

Monday night I was at Minnesota Writers Guild and telling a friend about how I sometimes sit on an exercise ball to write. Another gal asked if the height worked, and I explained that even though the balance ball is a little lower than a normal chair, my keyboard is on an adjustable tray, so I can lower it while I type.

"In fact, I can even raise the tray all the way up and stand to type, and I do that sometimes to relieve pressure on my back."

The woman wrinkled her forward. "Don't you have trouble balancing?"

I admit I may LOOK a little unbalanced, but I was confused about why she thought it was difficult to stand and type.

"Doesn't the ball roll out from under you?" she asked.

Then I caught on. She thought I meant that I typed while standing ON THE BALANCE BALL. We all shared some terrific giggles, and when we sat down to listen to the evening's speaker, one of the gals in our row drew the sketch I'm posting here.

Gives new meaning to "Balance" in a writer's life. :-)

I hope God sends you some great giggles today. And if your tasks seem hard, just picture yourself doing them while standing on a ball.



Cindy Thomson said...

You may be talented, but c'mon. What did she expect from you? Must be that "superhero" status.

Sherri said...

I think you could do it! Probably even add in a pirouette too!

Jill said...

You must be Becky Miller in disguise. Leave it to Supermom . . . Hey, what a great fantasy Becky could make out this one! Something to do with the circus. Hmmmm. ;-)


Camy Tang said...

I like Jill's idea.

Sarah said...

Too funny!
I had a good giggle yesterday. I went to the HS office to pick up my 9th grader. The sec'y was telling the principal and me how the Schwann's man arrived at her Dad's house, only to be led into the basement. Her Dad thought the man was the meter reader! :) I can just imagine the look on his face.