Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Blessing of Community

Novelists spend a lot of time with imaginary characters, so it's good to get out of the house once in a while and interact with REAL people.

Last weekend, author Jill Nelson and I popped in to several bookstores in the Twin Cities area to meet managers and thank them for carrying our books and autograph their shelf copies.

We also did three book signing events at Christian bookstores in the area. Here is Jill (on the left) and myself with Greg Borgen (in the middle), the manager of the Woodbury Northwestern Bookstore.

Jill and I were blessed by getting to know the wonderful men and women who believe in the ministry of books by Christian authors and work hard to provide them to the community. The gracious welcome by the store staff at each place we visited, reminded us that we aren't working in isolation. We're part of a community. Now THAT'S an encouraging God-sighting.

Have you spotted any special gifts from God into your life this week? Please post a comment and tell me about it!

Sharon Hinck


relevantgirl said...

You're so cute!

Sharon Hinck said...

No, YOU are!
And I'm So jazzed to be part of your upcoming blog tour!