Thursday, September 28, 2006

Oberg Mountain

A photo can't do justice to the sharp tang of pine in the air, the cool breeze, the rays of light baking my face, and the sun spotlighting trees in every autumn color you could dream of. The cliffs on the left side are part of Oberg Mountain, near Lutsen, Minnesota.

I know my Colorado friends (Hi, Patti) will laugh at what we in Minnesota call a mountain, but what we lack in height, we make up for in sheer beauty. Ted and I hiked this trail last Sunday and it was truly one of those special treats from God.

Now that I've started looking for them, I'm finding His unique and amazing blessings all over. Lord, open our eyes!

I'm always blessed when I stumble across a blog or website with a review of THE SECRET LIFE OF BECKY MILLER. I just found this new site, and she did a better job describing the book than I was able to in my interview on Monday.

Be sure to pop by the "Sing Like Myself" blog and scroll down to the review. Thank you, Suzanne!

And thank YOU, dear reader, for dropping by my blog. If you want the convenience of my blog posts being delivered to your email, just leave your email in the box at the right side of the page, and FeedBlitz will send you my entries each time I write a new one. I've been using FeedBlitz to send me updates from all my best friend's blogs, and it is a great way for me to stay in touch with what's new, without surfing the net for too many hours. :-)

Have a BLESSED day!
Sharon Hinck


Suzanne said...

Thank you, Mrs. Hinck, for visiting and mentioning my blog. Your book spoke to my specific situation more than you will ever know! Letting other people know about "The Secret Life of Becky Miller" on my blog was my pleasure. Blessings!

Melanie Dobson said...

All your beautiful pictures are making me ache for fall! Warm sweaters. Chilly air. Hot apple cider. I don't think the leaves even change color in Southern California...

I missed you in Dallas, but the leaves weren't changing colors there either.

Patti Hill said...

Sharon! I would never poke fun at your cute little mountain. (Giggle, giggle.)It's beautiful! Seriously, Colorado can't touch Minnesota's fall color. Beach, forest, or mountain vista, one Hand made them all! Bless you, Jesus!

We're off to a marriage retreat in Snowmass this weekend. Ahh.

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Suzanne,
Call me Sharon! :-)
I'm so glad to meet you.

Melanie, come visit Minnesota for some fall color ANYTIME!

Patti, a marriage retreat sounds wonderful. I hope it was a wonderful time!