Monday, September 25, 2006

Duluth Radio

This is the kind of sunny, inviting path I'd always like to see ahead of me. This weekend my husband and I spent time hiking in northern Minnesota, and I promise lots more glorious photos of the Fall color in the coming days.

There were times that walking under sunlit birch and aspen leaves felt like being inside the tube of a surfer's wave--but on an ocean of pure liquid gold.

This morning I did a live interview with WWJC Radio Duluth, with Ted Elm on the Northland Notebook. The great news is, they archive all their shows, so you don't have to live in Duluth to listen in! I had hoped to sound profound and spiritual, but Ted managed to coax me into telling some pretty goofy stories on myself. I hope listeners giggle as much as I did. It was really a lot of fun, and I'm so grateful that they featured me.

To hear the broadcast, go to WWJC website, click on "Northland Notebook" and then click on "Archived Shows." Click on September 25, and it will play for you. The show is an hour long, and my interview was the last half hour. Enjoy!

Now I'm off to do the laundry. My hiking pants are covered with clay and mud from a day of hiking in the rain. More soon!

Sharon Hinck


Julie Carobini said...

Just found this! I will listen manana, chica, when I have more time. Can't wait. Although the word "Duluth" just cracks me up...makes me think of a line from Sleepless in Seattle...

Crystal said...

My mom was from by the Lake of the Woods and Wanaska, MN and I heard so many Minnesota stories that I thought I could feel the cold, the bite of the state bird, and smell the moose. (I've only been there once.) I'll be back to check out more of your Minnesota adventures and I have your Becky Miller in my TBR pile right here. I'm a Miller--it's a given I have to read it, you know. We support our own.

Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Julie!
Hee hee! Yeah, and that was a mistake in the movie...they said Duluth was in North Dakota (it's in Minnesota!).

Hi, Crystal! I'm delighted to have EVERY MILLER IN THE WORLD read The Secret Life of Becky Miller. :-)
Yeah that state bird (skeeter)...they weren't too bad this summer. But you must come visit your mom's homeland sometime. :-) I live the Mall of America and haven't smelled a moose in quite a while. ;-)