Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Calling All Readers!

Bethany House Publishing is launching a great new resource for readers and book discussion groups.

Stop by their new An Open Book site and you can read a "Meet the Author" feature with interviews of Athol Dickson and myself. Be sure to let Carra know what you think of the site, and any ideas you have for future issues of their newsletter.

Speaking of Bethany House, although my focus this summer has been on getting word out about The Sword of Lyric Series, I've continued work on two stand-alone contemporary novels for Bethany House.

Here's a brief blurb for
Symphony of Secrets

Talented flutist Amy Johnson's dreams come true when she wins a spot with the Minneapolis Symphony. But this amateur sleuth has trouble concentrating on the notes as she begins to see devious motives behind her fellow musicians' many mishaps. Meanwhile, her musically talented daughter wants to give it all up for (gasp) the cheer leading squad! What's a musical mom to do? Can Amy fine-tune her investigation before the symphony is forced to close and she loses not only her dream job but her promising new relationship with its conductor?

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this story - because Amy is an obsessed musician, which is not all that different from being a neurotic writer. Her general crankiness and her mistaken belief that she has detective skills made her a fun character to get to know. I also related to her love of the arts and her passion to pursue her dreams while still making her daughter a priority and sorting out her interpersonal relationships.

Symphony of Secrets


Ruth said...

I am really looking forward to "Symphony," Sharon, it sounds wonderful! Also can't wait for Sword of Lyric #2. Too many good books! LOL

Deborah said...

yay looking forward to this one too!! let me know if you do another blog tour!