Wednesday, August 15, 2007

New Interview and Review

Ruth Anderson (with me in this photo) recently posted an interview with me and review of The Restorer at "The Bridge: The Link Between Faith and Culture." I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth last month during the Fantasy Fiction Tour, while I was in Nashville.

If you have a moment, stop by and explore "The Bridge" and I'm sure she'd love comments, too!

And power was restored today (from the storm I wrote about in my last blog) so I'll be working on my monthly e-zine and will send that soon. If you don't already receive my monthly e-zine, you can go to my website and sign up to get it free in the right-hand column. In my next edition I'll be announcing a fun contest ONLY for those who get my Book Buddy e-zine.


Ruth said...

Thanks for linking to The Bridge, Sharon! And thank you so much for agreeing to the interview -- it was a pleasure to "chat" with you again. :) It was also great to meet you on your fantasy tour stop -- I'm going to copy this photo to my blog, if that's ok? Thanks!

Sharon Hinck said...

Yes of course you can have this photo! It was such a treat meeting you!

Mirtika said...

Hey, congrats on the first printing's selling out. I was so happy to hear that!


VAIL said...

If you get a minute, you might want to stop by my blog - my most recent post as a link to a poll Oprah is taking on what people are reading now. Thought it was a good opportunity for Christians to tell others what wonderful books we are reading by Christian Authors.

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks, Mir! I was so delighted.

Vail, thank you SO much for letting us know about this! It IS a great opportunity for us to support some Christian authors in that survey!