Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Fantasy Fiction Tour Day Ten (July 18, 2007)

I've visited New York a few times over the years, and always find rain on the city streets romantic. Walking from a neighborhood restaurant to the mission after breakfast, I was tempted to burst into a lamp-post leaping version of "Singin' in the Rain."

Christopher, Jennifer, and I thanked our terrific hosts and headed to Manhattan for our last book signing, where we'd meet up with Wayne and Bryan and their daughters.

My emotions were a piece of fabric stretched between eagerness to get home after two weeks away, and melancholy at the completion of what had been an amazing tour. A visit from an "uptown girl" who has read all my books kept me joyful, and the warm wonderful staff also filled me with gratitude. We had the added excitement of learning about Wayne's great coverage in the Washington Post, and his invitation to do a television interview. But in spite of the whirl of conversations and interactions, suddenly, the time was up. Friends of Bryan graciously offered to drive me to LaGuardia so he and his daughter could start on his long drive home. Wayne stayed in NY for his upcoming interview. Christopher and Jennifer headed home - their arms itching to hold their babies again. Our goodbye was a quick shuffle of rearranging suitcases in the parking lot near the store, amid the chaos of NY traffic and the sound of horns and sirens.

I had several hours at the airport to sip tea and jot down thoughts, then more time on the runway after they let us board the plane, but then pulled us over. Thunderstorms had caused plenty of delays. But finally, I was in the air, marveling at the adventure of the past weeks.

Each conversation was precious. Each new friendship was a treasure. I haven't blogged about some of those specifics out of respect for people's privacy, but those one-on-one encounters were the truest blessing of the trip.

We authors hoped to support our publishers, encourage book sellers, build our readerships, and draw attention to the genre of fantasy fiction written by Christian authors. But more than those goals, we wanted to serve Christ in any way we could along the road, and be open to any ways He might choose to use us. I pray that He continues to bring fruit from our tour, and also from each author's books. Thank you to EVERYONE who prayed, who came out to events, who followed the tour from a distance, and who cheered us on. Your support is a precious gift that has fueled all of us.


Justin B. said...

I love New York! Glad to see you had such a great time on the tour! It was really awesome meeting you and everyone else. I know I have said this about way too much. But it did really make my summer. Have a good rest of summer. Continue writing! Restorer's Son is only a month away, I can not wait to dive back into the world I have missed for so long!

Pais Charos said...

It totally made my summer, as well. I still glad you love your keychain, Sharon. I always smile when I watch that video of you showing it to Christopher. I can't wait to read Restorer's Son!

Valerie Comer said...

My local bookstore now has the Restorer in stock! But she said she had to wait for RS--I laughed. Yeah, me too. She's got a copy on order for me.

Thanks, Sharon, for being our emissary to the east the world. Thanks for letting us be part of your journey. Blessings.

Sharon Hinck said...

Justin, it was a blessing to meet you. Thank you for your enthusiasm.

Connie, I've got your keychain on a little shelf next to my desk. Very cherished.

Val, I'm SO jazzed your local store is carrying The Restorer! The fantasy tour was so edifying. It reminded me daily of the power of story-telling to bring encouragement!