Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm creating some cute little gift packets with a hand-stamped image of a mug, a Restorer postcard, and a pocket held together with brads. In the pocket I plan to put a clove-flavored tea and a cinnamon stick. On the tea mug I stamped the word "Clavo." If you've read The Restorer, you know that Susan was introduced to this drink in her visit to an alternate world.

As I was searching for options of clove-flavored tea, I found a brand that is made in Bolivia. Imagine my surprise when I saw that in Bolivia, this tea is called---you guessed it---clavo! Maybe someone from Bolivia has gone through a portal to visit Lyric?


CWAHM said...

That is so cool! Are you going to sell these on the website, too, so us groupies can purchase them? :)

Roheryn said...

That's So AWSOMEFUL!!!

Sharon Hinck said...

Actually, I'm preparing a contest for subscribers of my Book Buddy e-zine with these as prizes. :-)

I'll be announcing details in my August 15th edition of my e-zine, and anyone can subscribe free by going to
and leaving their name and email in the right hand column.

By the way,
this is NOT the same as the FeedBlitz Blog subscription (which feeds my blog posts to your email).

Once a month I send a free ezine with a devotional/inspirational article, some insider news, writing tips, updates, and a prayer for my Book Buddies. I've decided to start doing some contests for Book Buddies only through that ezine. :-)

8:03 PM

Pais Charos said...

Awesome! I want some clavo - it made me think of coffee rather than tea, but I'm a coffee drinker. Hehe. Only really like iced tea. I can't stand hot tea.

*goes off to join Sharon's e-zine*

Justin B. said...

Tea is good, but coffee is definitely better in my book! Although I do love green tea with ginger!

Pais Charos said...

Honestly ... the only way I'll drink tea is iced. I LOVE Arizona brand green tea with Ginseng. Yummm...

If I ever had clavo tea - I'd probably chill it before drinking it. I don't know why - but hot tea always makes me gag. I never understood it. *shrugs*

Sometimes when I would be sick my mom would force me to drink some tea, but after 2 or 3 sips I would gag, and my throat would just close up and not allow anymore in. But iced tea? Me likey :D

Roheryn said...

Me prefer tea!
This one isn't allowed to have coffee... heh heh

*goes off to join e-zine*

Ruth said...

Oh, that is so cool! I want to try some! :)

Karenee said...

Oooh, Bolivia! I grew up there. (Hmmm... perhaps that is why your word sounded so right in the book.) Anyway, that gift basket sounds delightful. I will have to search out some clove tea (or grind some up for myself). I bet it's good.

And... you have a newsletter? Good to know.