Sunday, May 16, 2004

Search For the Restorer Contest

In my new novel, a nation is waiting for a promised Restorer.

So to celebrate the release of this special book, I'm having a "Search for the Restorer" contest.

I'll be giving five great prizes. Beautiful cloth Restorer bookbags filled with Christian books (Not MY books, but those of other wonderful authors I know you'll enjoy).

Here's how to enter:

Go to your local bookstores (Christian chains, independent stores, Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc.) and see if you can find The Restorer on the shelves. You might have to hunt in "Inspiration Fiction" or "Christian Fiction" or the "Religion Section" or it might turn up in the "Fantasy" fiction shelves. Can't find it? Ask the manager and suggest he order some copies in. :-)

(Hint - if you've requested bookmarks from me, you can give some to
the manager of the store!)

Post a comment here and tell me about your epic quest and where you found The

On June 15th, I'll draw five names to receive the awesome prizes!

THEN, you can pop over to Rebecca Miller's Fantasy Challenge. Post a comment there and qualify for another drawing for MORE prizes!