Saturday, September 28, 2013

A Chance for a Free Copy of Restorer

Nadine Brandes is doing a "rafflecopter" drawing at her blog, for
The Restorer-Expanded Edition, and some other great Christian speculative fiction titles.

Check it out here!

Sharon Hinck

Monday, September 16, 2013

A Friend's New Book

Some of the greatest joys I've had as a writer have been the precious friendships with other writers. Christopher Hopper is a friend I got to know on both an east coast and a west coast book tour several years ago.

It's my delight to share that he has a new book out. Check it out here!

Here's his description of The Sky Riders:

An Inventors World Novel by Christopher Hopper

On the floating cities above the cloud-floor, the only rule is don’t fall.

Enter the avionic steampunk world of master storyteller Christopher Hopper as he takes readers on a fast-paced, death-defying adventure in the skies.

Junar is a seventeen-year-old boy following in the footsteps of his Ace Pilot father, Leif, as a flyer in the Kili-Boranna Guild, better known as The Sky Riders. As if life couldn’t get any better, Junar’s First Year apprenticeship riding the massive birds of the sky, the majestic felrell, takes a fortuitous leap forward when his father is promoted to the most prestigious position in all of Aria-Prime-Timber Pilot.

Upon moving to the capital city of Christiana with his family, Junar meets fellow apprentices Liv, a strong-headed and alluring confidant, and Erik, whose favorite pastime is making life miserable for Junar.

Junar’s world takes an unexpected turn, however, when his father has a startling change of heart about his promotion. Embarrassed by his father’s weakness and his mother’s past, Junar endeavors to excel in his apprenticeship, and distances himself from his family by making his own name in the Guild. He sets his sights on competing in the Champions Race-a cross-world gauntlet whose winner is listed among the greatest felrell pilots in history.

But behind the scenes, political factions and government conspiracies collide with Junar’s new plans. The young pilot suffers a horrific blow at the hands of the Zy-Adair-the notorious Sky Pirates. And soon, his perfect world is spiraling out of control.

From his unsuspecting alliance with the Inventors-dubious tinkerers and social outcasts-to his unlikely associations with the Brologi-the Chancellory Police-Junar must find a way to plead his case before the Chancellor of Aria-Prime and piece together a puzzle that threatens his entire world’s way of life.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Minnesota Influence

A fellow writer and Minnesotan, Stacy Monson, has a fun and informative blog called Land of 10,000 Words. Today she posted a chat between us about some of the Minnesota inspirations in my books, about the writing life, and assorted other topics. Please stop by and feel free to ask questions or join the chat!

Sharon Hinck

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Seven Things My Granddaughter Taught Me

Last weekend, we spent some blissful days visiting my son, daughter-in-love, and our sweet granddaughter who is five months old.  Even at such a young age, she demonstrates a lot of wisdom.

Here are a few things I learned from her, some of which I plan to apply to my own life:

1. People are funny. Each time you notice that, squeal with delight.

2. Your smile can be gorgeous even if you have no teeth.

3. When you feel tired, rub your eyes a few times and let someone rock you.

4. When life gets boring on your back, roll over and look at it from your tummy.

5. If you do a Pilates V-sit and grab your toes, you can pull both socks off simultaneously.

6. Sometimes the best toys are just out of reach, but keep trying anyway.

7. Everyone adores you, and that’s just the way it should be.


Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A Little Prayer

 Dear Lord,

Surprise us throughout the day with new glimpses of You…

Even in the midst of the "not rightness" of life on this sin-sick planet,
let us laugh, and sing, and dance for the joy of being loved by You.


Sharon Hinck

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Something New

Happy New Year!

As I think about the coming year, and my writing goals, I've been thinking about adaptation and change.

I have visceral memories of writing one of my first stories in pencil on multi-lined paper in the second grade. In fourth grade I typed a story about a horse on an old manual typewriter using onionskin paper and a carbon to make a spare copy. Anyone else remember working with carbon paper?

I was thrilled to upgrade to an electric typewriter in eighth grade. But I also filled blank journals with dreams and musings using a ballpoint pen.

Computers and word processors revolutionized the work of writing, but required more adjustment. I've used a computer to write all my novels, and don't know how I would have managed revisions without one.

Yet I wonder if my writing voice changes with each medium.

One of my grad school professors believed that poetry should never be written on a computer or typewriter all. Poetry required a fountain pen and quality paper.

I continue to look for ways to adapt as a writer.

I'm writing this blog using my Christmas present: voice recognition software. Can I adapt?  I'm not sure. This brief blog has taken many minutes of grappling with the software's misunderstandings. Yet if I can adapt this may be another helpful step forward.

As I have practiced storytelling aloud, letting the software notate the words, I told my computer this was very Star Trek, and I was gratified to discover my computer recognized and knew how to spell, "Star Trek."

On the other hand, my earlier reference to onion skin  was typed as "masculine."

So I fear I have a long way to go.

How about you? Anyone else trying a new skill in the new year?


Sharon Hinck