Friday, February 19, 2010


I am glued to the Olympics. So much so, that I create my own running commentary. "She caught too much air there. She needs to hold her line. He nailed his quad, but his musicality just isn't up to the other competitor."

My patient hubby shakes his head and says, "You should be a broadcaster."

Which makes me imagine what perspective a "mom-caster" would bring to sports commentary.

What would I say during the half-pipe?

"Jim, I wish he'd tighten that helmet a little more. That's a dangerous drop."

Or short-track speed skating?

"Korea is favored, strong team this year -- OOH, the Australian just cut in front. Where are her manners?"

Figure skating?

"Oh, his lace came untied. I told him a million times to check that before he goes out."

Ski jumping?

"I can't look. Tell me when it's over."

And of course for all the sports, and all who don't medal:

"It's okay, honey. You gave it your best. We'll always love you."

And that's pretty much how I feel about all the Olympians. Thanks for your passion, commitment, and sharing your talents with the world.

Gotta go. Biathlon is about to start and I need to remind the athletes not to point guns at people.

Mom-caster Sharon