Thursday, June 08, 2006


Back to our regularly scheduled tour.

To celebrate the release of my first novel, I'm touring the world (including South Africa, France, Canada, and all over the U.S.A.) via the internet. I'll be visiting a variety of blogs to be interviewed, to share a guest article, or to be part of drawings for The Secret Life of Becky Miller.

You're invited to enjoy THE SECRET IS OUT Blog Tour. Travel with me from site to site and meet some great new people! If you have a website or blog and would like me to visit your site, I still have a few days open for the tour. Let me know!

Here's where I'll be each day in June:

June 1. Becky Miller
June 2. Tiff Amber Miller
June 3. Valery Sykes
June 4. Janet W. Butler
June 5. Camy Tang
June 6. Mary Griffith
June 7. Sharon Hinck
June 8. Lisa Harris
June 9. Julie Carobini
June 10. Tricia Goyer
June 12. Violet Nesdoly
June 13. Jamie Driggers
June 14-15. Ruth Anderson
June 15-30 Amy Wallace
June 16. Melanie Dobson
June 17. Donna Fleisher
June 20. Mary DeMuth
June 22. Karen Hancock
June. 26 April Choate
August 30 Maryann Diorio

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

A Day at Home

Wow! It's been a fun first week of my whirlwind blog tour. I've bared my soul and answered some tough questions, I've giggled with old friends, and met some great new people.

When I planned the blog tour, I decided to schedule a pit stop back home since it's my birthday and anniversary week.

The last months have been so interesting and full of change, that I'm feeling very grateful, and not quite as wistful as I sometimes do this time of year. Still, I always indulge in a little existential angst during the days around my birthday. Am I making the most of my life? Do I bring a smile of pleasure to my Heavenly Father? Am I available? Authentic?

I received a great email this week from someone asking those same sorts of questions about her parenting skills. She said something very wise. "I used to ask God to fill in the gaps in my parenting. Now I realize He does it ALL, and I'm blessed to get to be a part of how He works."

I'm feeling that way about my life. I used to ask God to bless my plans and dreams and goals. I asked Him to fill in the spaces I might miss. Now I ask Him each day what His plan and dream and goal is for the day where He might want me.

Shall we do that together? Join me, if you like.

Dear Lord,
I stop. I hold still. I wait for your Word to me. I'm here in the vineyard, ready for another day. What would you like me to do today? Thank you for your love that is as constant as the air I breathe. Thank you for your amazing creativity at bringing glory from ashes . . . especially the ashes of my failures. Help me walk with a light tread today, listening for your change of course at any time. Whether you ask me to prune, to weed, or to harvest. Whether you call me to a crowded row of laborers or to a solitary corner of the vineyard. I am here to serve you with joy in my heart . . . and gratitude for the gift of another day of life. Amen.