Wednesday, December 28, 2005

INTERVIEW: Marilynn Griffith

When I met Marilyn Griffith at Mt. Hermon Writer’s Conference, she was such a warm, bubbly, encouraging force of nature, that I instantly knew I’d love anything she wrote. Now others get to experience the same pleasure I had in meeting her, as she releases her novel, MADE OF HONOR. The book is as real, warm and funny as I expected. I especially appreciated the way her writing welcomed me in to a multi-cultural world, where I felt embraced and included as part of the “Sistahood.” I also enjoyed her honesty in portraying women’s friendships as both a huge blessing and an occasional torment. I’ve invited Marilyn to stop by on her “Blog Tour” and answer a few questions. Feel free to post comments or questions!

SH: As a Christian writer, what themes have you felt God highlighting in your own life?

MG: Since my life before Christ (and sometimes after) was pretty crazy, forgiveness is always a big theme in my writing. Intimacy with Christ, God as our lover and other love-y stuff also come up, expecially in Made of Honor.

SH: How have these themes shown up in your novel?

MG: In Made of Honor, Dana Rose has been saved for almost five years. In that time, she's given up a lot of things to draw closer to God (sex outside of marriage for one). When God tries to give some things back to her, she really doesn't know how to handle it. Though she's accepted God's forgiveness, accepting God's love proves much more difficult.

SH: Your slogan is "Serious Faith, Serious Fiction, Serious Fun." Tell us how we'll find each of these in your book.

MG: Well, when I came up with that, I was thinking "serious" in terms of "not funny" serious, not serious in terms of this is deep, theological literature. It isn't. However, there are things in the book dealing with the things Christians don't always talk about--mistakes. And lots of them. The serious faith part relates to the themes in the books. Though the situations may be funny in places, there are often substantial spiritual issues throughout the story. As for the fun, it's girlfriends, guys, God and all the giggles in between.

SH: Where and when can we find your book?

MG: MADE OF HONOR is available at ,, , and wherever books are sold. If you can't find it, ask for it!

SH: Thanks for visiting, Marilynn! And thanks again for the encouragement you offered when we met! You are a true blessing.