Monday, June 18, 2007

Monday Blog Tour Highlights

I've been a member of the CSFF Blog Tour group for about a year, and have enjoyed the discussions each month, and loved interviewing authors, discovering new websites, and learning about new books of speculative fiction -- in a wide variety of styles -- by Christian authors. Uniting to bring attention and support to authors who are publishing in this genre is a huge gift, and I'm honored and humbled to be the recipient of that gift this month. My prayer is that the efforts of the CSFF Blog Tour will help open doors for more and more Christian authors to publish in this genre, and stimulate greater readership for those who do.

I've taken the time today to pop in to some of the sights on this first day of the tour.

Shannon made me cry, as she shared how a spiritual-truth nugget of one of the characters reached out and grabbed her.

Pastor John wrote an early review and promises "something exciting" in the coming three days.

Karri Compton posted her review early before going out of town. She's bummed to be missing the tour days, but we can all still post comments for her to find when she returns. :-)

Jill Hart did a radio/podcast interview that you can listen to on her site (I just hope she edited it to make me sound less goofy!).

Karenee wrote about the "perils and joys of faith" in the story, in a way that warmed my heart.

Just a few of the places to explore! I hope you'll have time to visit these sites and leave comments to the bloggers know you appreciate their work on behalf of this genre. I'll visit and highlight more tomorrow!

Trish Anderson
Brandon Barr
Wayne Batson
Jim Black
Justin Boyer
Grace Bridges
Amy Browning
Jackie Castle
Valerie Comer
Karri Compton
Frank Creed
Lisa Cromwell
CSFF Blog Tour
Gene Curtis
D. G. D. Davidson
Chris Deanne
Merrie Destefano
Jeff Draper
April Erwin
Linda Gilmore
Beth Goddard
Marcus Goodyear
Andrea Graham
Russell Griffith
Jill Hart
Katie Hart
Sherrie Hibbs
Heather R. Hunt
Becca Johnson
Jason Joyner
Dawn King
Tina Kulesa
Lost Genre Guild
Rachel Marks
Shannon McNear
Rebecca LuElla Miller
Eve Nielsen
John W. Otte
John Ottinger
Robin Parrish
Cheryl Russel
Hanna Sandvig
Chawna Schroeder
Mirtika Schultz
Steve Trower
Speculative Faith
Jason Waguespac
Daniel I. Weaver


Deena said...

I would like to know how in the wide, wide world of sports Karri Compton has read "Restorer's Son" already??? Hmmm???? I'm achin' to read that one!! LOL!!

Lovin' how they all love YOU!!

Becky said...

Deena, hate to tell you, but I'm posting my review of The Restorer's Son on Wednesday. You're gonna love it, you really are. Well, the book, not the review. Hahah. Though, of course, I hope the review is interesting.


Karenee said...

After reading through a few of the reviews, I discovered I had more to say. Thank you for writing a book that provokes thoughtful discussion. It's way more fun to blog about it.

Shannon said...

Awww, Sharon, I didn't mean to make you cry!

Well ... maybe I did ... *very big grin*

pixy said...

Sharon's turn! Yay! :D Say, you never emailed me that picture! I'm very upset. *stomps foot and pouts her best pixy pout* I know you have nothing better to do.