Tuesday, June 19, 2007

More Blog Highlights

The Restorer tour continues! Be sure to drop by Speculative Faith and Rebecca Miller's blog, and check out author Wayne Batson's place for an interesting male perspective. I think Hanna's post wins for most succinct and uplifting at the same time. :-) Tina is doing drawings for free books, as is Jill Hart. and if you visit Heather's review, be sure to post a comment from a future date to mess with her head (I'm making her crazy because I use future dates to keep my ongoing blogpost on the top - hee hee!) Eve asked about how long the series is, but for some strange computery reason I wasn't able to leave a comment/answer at her site. Three have been contracted, so far. The second book releases in September.

Happy exploring!
Have a blessed day!

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