Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday - Last day of Blog Tour

As I said on the first day, I've been a member of the CSFF Blog Tour group for about a year, and have enjoyed the discussions each month, and loved interviewing authors, discovering new websites, and learning about new books of speculative fiction -- in a wide variety of styles -- by Christian authors. Uniting to bring attention and support to authors who are publishing in this genre is a huge gift, and I'm honored and humbled to be the recipient of that gift this month.

Thank you to everyone who participated. My prayer is that the efforts of the CSFF Blog Tour will help open doors for more and more Christian authors to publish in this genre, and stimulate greater readership for those who do. The founders of this group epitomize Philippians 2:4.

There's been so much activity, it's hard to keep up on highlighting everything. But I need to mention Grace. She emailed me the weekend she read The Restorer and didn't know some very hard things I was facing at the time. Her words of appreciation were a direct blessing from God at a crucial time. When you visit her, be sure to congratulate her on her new release! Jason had some great questions for me, so be sure to visit him. (By the way, I did a number of interviews in person, on the phone, or via email ahead of time for the tour, and enjoyed each conversation a TON! What a bunch of cool people!) I also have special gratitude for Merrie, who worked to coax all the spec-fic folk together at Mount Hermon and encouraged prayer for each other.

For those of you so led, please keep me in prayer as I head to ICRS soon, and then embark on the adventure of the east-coast book tour with three other CBA fantasy authors. Please also pray that The Restorer gets into the hands of those that would be blessed by it.



Merrie Destefano said...

You have so much grace, kindness and such a noble spirit that it is an honor to know you. You're forging a bold path for all us speculative fiction lovers and I am so excited to see what will happen next! I can't wait to hear about your upcoming tour. Please remember to stop by Becky's sites from time to time and let us know the highlights.

One quick story: I had to go to three Christian bookstores before I found one that had a copy of "The Restorer" in stock, but even then I couldn't find the book. I had to ask someone to help me. (This is the good part)

They had a brand new section completely devoted to Fantasy/Allegory, another one for Futuristic Fiction, and a huge section for all of C.S. Lewis's books. I've been going to this store for years and this is the first time I ever saw anything like this. I went back yesterday to see it again and I actually got chills this time, because I know how many people are praying for this.

Thanks for being on the frontline, for being a woman of prayer, and for using your gifts for God's glory. He will honor and remember that, always and forever.
Many blessings,

everlastingscribe said...

My prayers are with you Sharon! I had no idea that you were 'caught between the hammer and the anvil' this week in one form or another.

I loved The Restorer, and like so many others I picked it up at just the right time.