Sunday, June 17, 2007

Father's Day Article

The folk over at TitleTrakk just posted an article with "My Dad's Best Advice" from 31 different Christian authors. I was honored to be included.

My dad (who went to heaven 25 years ago this summer) battled some tough things. Alcoholism, workaholism, immigrating to the U.S.A. as a young man in total poverty, fighting in the Korean war, two different cancers, and depression. Sometimes my teen angst coincided with his bouts of insomnia, and we’’d both be prowling the quiet house late at night. He’d often say to me, “If you can’t sleep –– stay awake.” He said it with a smirk and a shrug –– acknowledging the humor in the advice. Yet those words continue to speak to me in a broader way. They remind me to stop fighting too hard against things I can’t control –– to be willing to change course –– to adapt and make the best of a situation. Something he often lived out during his quest for sobriety.

Stop by TitleTrakk to read more tributes to fathers - and you can also take a peek at their hot-off-the-press in depth review of The Restorer. :-)

Blessed Father's Day!

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