Friday, June 22, 2007

A Concert in the Park

Last night my husband and I settled into creaky lawn chairs on a grassy hill at a local park and enjoyed hours of amazing Celtic music and dance. The backdrop included trees in so many dappled greens they looked like an Impressionist painting. The lake behind the bandshell held enough water lilies to do Monet proud. Children joined hands and skipped in free form choreography in an open space near the stage. Young men rested back on their elbows and studied the clouds. Mother's unpacked snacks for their broods, while elderly couples held hands, nodded, and smiled. Father's bounced toddlers on their shoulders. Musicians gifted us with pipes and flutes, guitars and voice. Reels, jigs, and plaintive song.

Was this what is was like when communities were smaller? When clans gathered at twilight to lift the burdens of the day with a story and a song? When music filled the open air and birds flitted overhead in time to the tin whistle?

And why is it that live music has so much more breath than even the best of recordings? Happy, happy sigh.

Thank you, Lord, for music.
And for the men and women who give so much time to hone their skills and offer the beauty of music in ways that feed the soul.


In addition to the concert, I had another treat yesterday. Bob Crittenden of the radio show "The Meeting Place" interviewed me about The Restorer and asked wonderful questions about God-stuff, and about faith and culture. You can download the interview from his website (the menu of guests is in alphabetically order).

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Becca Johnson said...

That sounds wonderful! Why does it seem that I never get the opportunity to go listen to live Celtic music? :( Oh well. Maybe someday! :)

Becca Johnson