Monday, April 03, 2006

Seeing a Book Being Published

Today I had the giddy pleasure of getting a tour of Bethany Press and WATCHING while my book's cover was printed. My Book Buddies will get the photo-tour (I took lots of pictures) so if you are interested, be sure to sign up to be a Book Buddy
But here are a few pictures. I'm standing by the place were 32-page bundles are assembled and glued to a cover. The second photo is of the cover proofsheet, with the various layers showing which part will be glossy and which will be matte, and which parts will be embossed. The final photo is one of a printer guy studying the colors on the test printing and the proof sheet for my cover. They were so kind to me, and gave me several test sheets to bring home. I told them all that they are doing a wonderful thing by creating books. I feel like I was in Santa's workshop for a day, or Keebler's cookie-tree. Clearly it's a place where magic happens. :-)
Sharon Hinck


Southern-fried Fiction said...

Your smile says it all! God bless you and the book.

Illuminating Fiction said...

Great pictures, Sharon! I can't wait to see some more.

It's wonderful to see a little of how the finished product is pieced together.


Ruth said...

Hi Sharon! These pictures are too cool, thank you for sharing!

Mary DeMuth said...

How fun to watch the birth! How was that epidural? How much did that baby weigh?


LaShaunda said...

Hi Sharon,

I thought seeing your book at the book store would be exciting, but I think actually seeing it being made tops that.

Congrats on your book and having the chance to see it come to life.

Many blessings to you and your new career.

Sharon Hinck said...

Thanks for sharing my excitement, everyone! :-)
I've had a hard time believing the book was real...from the time of the contract, to the edits, to the galleys. I SORT OF believed it was real when I saw the cover design for the first time (months ago). Then when I attended a marketing meeting I believed the book would really arrive...but after a few days I began to doubt again and think I was just dreaming it all up (like my character, Becky Miller!).

So I think God did a very kind thing. Nothing like the smell of ink and glue, and the sounds of the machines cranking to convince me that the book is real. :-)

Cindy Thomson said...

Oh, Sharon, how cool. You could write a book about all this! ;-)

I can't wait to see you in that cape in Denver! Look for me in a Celtic design shirt. (You didn't think I'd dress like my cover, did you???)


Gina Conroy said...

How exciting! As a Supermom in training, I can't wait to read it!