Monday, September 29, 2008

Two Tours

As I've shared recently, I'm preparing for a book tour of the west coast with seven other Christian authors. You can find out more about the Motiv8 tour here.

But I'm also releasing my new women's fiction novel in October, and various friends are blogging about it.

So I invite you to have fun following both tours - visiting blogs that are chatting about Stepping Into Sunlight, and watching live video feed from the in-person Motiv8 events in Canada, Washington, Oregon, and California where I'll be highlighting The Restorer books. Better yet, if you live near any of the cities I'm visiting - please come out and visit with me in person!

Amazing blogger Deena is featuring my books all of October on her site, with games, prizes, challenges, interviews, and loads of fun. Be sure to visit her site often.

The effervescent Jill Hart did a radio interview with me about the book that you can listen to here.

And I've already posted excerpts from the television interview on The Harvest Show on the media page of my website.

My Down-under buddy, Rel, posted here.

Dear friend Amy Wallace posted a review of Stepping Into Sunlight here.

My friend Susie Meissner is doing a give-away.

Camy Tang had an early post about the book here.

Katrina Wampler and several of her blogging friends are posting about the book, and sharing an ongoing interview with me.

Cara Putman posted about "Penny's Project" (the interactive way to get involved in the story) here.She'll be doing more posting soon, so stop back at her site.

My friend Jeanette Hanscome wrote about her adventures with "Penny's Project" at her blog.

Those are just a few of the corners of the cyberworld where you'll find me. There are other bloggers who've been participating in "Penny's Project" during September and you can see them all in my list of links there.

You can find all sorts of bonus goodies about Stepping Into Sunlight here.

Sharon Hinck


Anonymous said...

Sharon, I am participating in Katrina's blog tour of authors. I have just posted a brief part of your interview with her fo her blog. Just thought I would let you know and maybe you could check it out. Let me know if you need me to add or subtract anything.


Sharon Hinck said...

Hi, Bev!
Thanks for letting me know (and reminding me to get Katrina's blog info listed in this post!) :-)

I tried linking to my interview on your site, but when I click on the "Christian Author Tour" heading of your post, it sends me back to Katrina's page.

VERY typical for me to be addled and confused with internet stuff... but folks can go directly to your blog and scroll down to find me. :-)
(and I hope they will!)

Anonymous said...

I just finished "The Resorer" and Oh... My... GOSH!!! HOW ON EARTH DID YOU WRITE THAT? It's like a cross between the Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings except BETTER! Thank you 7849509280875094278590 times for writing it!

Sharon Hinck said...

Lia, thank you so much.
You certainly know how to warm an author's heart!
I'm so blessed to hear you loved it.

SmilingSally said...

(Boo hoo) I'm crying. I just used your link to try to win a copy of your book on Susie Meissner's blog, and it's CLOSED--as of YESTERDAY! And, you didn't tell me until today. (sniff)